Hi everyone, Man.Dog.Jeep. is going to continue blogging the adventures of the three of us, and those we meet along the way. Our somewhat related blog, http://www.fatherhoodinterruped.com, is going on hiatus.  Not for any specific reason.  As at other times in the past, it has served its purpose at this moment in time. We love … Continue reading FatherhoodInterrupted.com

Happy 6th Birthday to my Partner-in-Crime

On Friday, December 8, 2017, Daisy and I could not sleep.  So, we walked the 7 blocks to the office.  I did some work and enlisted her to write my website biography and then sign and seal the firm's 2017 Christmas cards. At some point, the alarm armed and when we got up from our … Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday to my Partner-in-Crime